Field Reimbursement Managers

Alexion Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) provide education and support to HCP offices to facilitate patient access to their prescribed Alexion medications.

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How to Access KOSELUGO

This guide provides helpful information on the administrative aspects of the KOSELUGO access process including benefit investigations, prior authorizations, reauthorizations, and Alexion support resources.

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KOSELUGO Common Prior Authorization Criteria

Presents the common criteria that may be requested by payers for prior authorization of KOSELUGO in NF1 PN as well as general information about the prior authorization processes.

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KOSELUGO Letter of Medical Necessity

This template is a resource a healthcare provider may use when responding to a request from a patient’s insurance company to provide a letter of medical necessity when prescribing KOSELUGO.

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Compendium of NF1 PN References for KOSELUGO

An overview of references for KOSELUGO in NF1 PN that is inclusive of the Prescribing Information, FDA approval letter, and other public domain evidence.

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Peer-to-Peer Medical Review

Resource that provides education and support for HCPs, HCP offices, and infusion centers about using a peer-to-peer review as a potential next step before submitting a formal appeal.

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KOSELUGO Coding Resource

The KOSELUGO Coding Resource provides objective and publicly available coding and billing information for non-contracted specialty pharmacies, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and outpatient clinics seeking to dispense KOSELUGO.

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Reauthorization Guide

Resource that provides education and support for HCPs, HCP offices, and infusion centers about the reauthorization process, including health plan requirements and timing implications for reauthorizations.

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One Source

OneSource™ is a complimentary, personalized patient support program offered by Alexion and tailored to the specific needs of people living with atypical-HUS, gMG, HPP, LAL-D, NMOSD, PNH, PNH with EVH, and NF1.

Get your patients started with OneSource


For urgent matters, please call 1-888-765-4747 to speak with a Customer Operations Representative (COR) about ordering and shipping product or with a OneSource patient support specialist who can connect you with your local Field Reimbursement Manager (FRM) for reimbursement support.

OneSource, a personalized patient support program offered by Alexion, is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 8 PM ET.

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